Puppy & Kitten Care

Bringing home a new puppy, kitten, or both, can be exciting. Puppies and kittens greatly enrich our lives, but they are also a big responsibility for any Johnstown, PA household. Young animals are especially susceptible to illness, injury, and social trauma that can impact their long-term health and wellness. At Johnstown Veterinary Associates in Johnstown, PA, our team offers a variety of treatments to ensure that your pets stay happy and healthy. We invite you to keep reading to learn how to care for your new pet! 

Puppy Kitten Care

Preparing for the First Veterinary Visit

The first two months with a puppy and kitten are important and owners should focus on establishing connections and associations with items and environments they may be unfamiliar with, including visiting a veterinarian. Our veterinarians understand that your pet’s first visit with us might make then uncomfortable and we make sure they stay as calm as possible. You can bring their favorite treats or toys to help with their comfort. If you need to do kitten or puppy boarding with us, make sure to bring items that smell like you or other family members and additional items your pet loves to further help them build a connection.

The Importance of Vaccinations

There are a variety of of common illnesses that can affect young kittens and puppies, such as parvo and FeLV, both of which have an 80% fatality rate. Early vaccinations are essential in helping keep your healthy and preventing them from diseases.

Early Behavior Training and Socialization

Having your puppy acquainted with the vet's office is just one important part of early behavior training and socialization. There are many situations that can cause fear in a cat or dog once they’re an adult if they are not exposed to these in a positive manner when they're young. Make sure you're spending time each week slowly and gently exposing your young pet to things they may perceive to be scary later on. For example, plan to stay in during the next thunderstorm and have plenty of treats and toys ready to help them associate any loud scary noises positively. If you have a strong or working dog breed, this is an especially good time to consult with a behavior specialist to ensure you and your puppy are forming a solid relationship. 

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