Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding Services

In Johnstown, PA, when you need dog boarding services while you're away from home on business or pleasure, our dog kennels at Johnstown Veterinary Associates are here for your canine pal. 

Dog boarding

Our Dog Boarding Agreement

Call us to set up an appointment for dog boarding. We will provide you with information that you need and instruct you on how to prepare for boarding your pet.

Pet Boarding

There are several different types of information we might ask from you before you board with us. The initial information we might ask for includes your pet's name, age, breed, and if your pet is neutered. We also might ask for the owner's name, emergency contact numbers, the dates you need to board your pet from and to, and an estimated time when you will pick your pet up on his last scheduled day of boarding.

We might ask you to include any medication your pet is taking, the dosage, the number of times it is to be administered, and what time the medicine(s) is to be administered so our veterinarian is aware of any health issues while your pup is in our care.

Food and feeding requirements might also be requested so that we can keep your pet on its regular feeding routine. We might also ask for information about whether you plan to bring your own food and the amount that should be fed to your pet. We might also want to know how many times a day your dog expects to be fed and the time of day, or evening, feeding(s) should occur.

A veterinarian on our team will make any necessary notes on the form so that our staff is aware of any specific instructions.

What Do I Need to Know about Pet Boarding?

We will provide owners with in-depth information about our boarding services starting with the check-in and check-out times.

It is important to review the information prior to check-in so that we can. The form we provide may cover the following requirements:

●             Vaccination requirements.

●             Behavior issues and solutions.

●             Consent forms.

●             Food process, whether provided by JVA or by the owner, including information on prescription diet food.

●             Medication and owner responsibility.

●             Fleas and ticks.

●             Medical treatment, if necessary, and fee information.

●             Emergency situations.

Help Get the Best Care with a Veterinarian or Vet on Site

Located in Johnstown, PA, we at Johnstown Veterinary Associates are a veterinary clinic that also includes our onsite dog kennels with a vet on site. With a vet on site, you can leave your canine with us and know we will help him get the best care he can. Call us today so you will be ready to roll with peace of mind. Call us at (814) 536-5105 for more information.