Pet Dermatology

Has your dog been scratching a lot? Does your cat have hair loss? Pets can end up with skin problems that affect their appearance and cause uncomfortable symptoms. At Johnstown Veterinary Associates, we offer pet dermatology services to help your pet find relief. Call our animal hospital at 814-536-5105 to set up an appointment with our vet in Johnstown, PA.


Skin Problems Due to Allergies

Allergies often manifest as skin problems in pets. Your pets might have allergies to specific ingredients in food, mold, pollen, flea bites, or other allergens. Finding the exact allergens that affect your pet is the first step toward easing symptoms. If your pet has itchy skin, reddish spots, hair loss from scratching, or other skin symptoms, our veterinarian can check for allergies. Once we know what’s bothering your pet, we can recommend a treatment plan to reduce and prevent allergic reactions. This might involve changing what you feed your pet, using a flea preventative, or taking other steps as needed.

Mange in Pets

Mange is a common skin condition that can affect dogs and cats. Demodex mange occurs when Demodex mites live in your pet’s skin. Sarcoptic mange happens when sarcoptic mites live on your pet’s skin surface. This type can be spread to humans. Mange might only affect one area of your pet’s skin or their whole body. Symptoms typically include hair loss, but severe cases might also cause skin thickening, oozing, and crusty skin. Our vet can diagnose mange and provide treatment to help clear up this infestation.

Other Types of Skin Problems

Pets can have many other kinds of skin conditions. Keep in mind that some breeds are more prone to developing skin problems, such as dogs that have a lot of folds in their skin. Other types of skin problems that pets can have include ear infections, staph infections, and fungal infections. Underlying illnesses, such as autoimmune diseases, can also cause skin symptoms.

When to Seek Care for Pet Skin Problems

If your pet has a rash, itching, or other skin symptoms, you should schedule a vet visit. We can get to the bottom of what’s causing these symptoms. After diagnosing your pet, we can provide effective treatment to help ease itching and other skin problems. Seeking care is important since excessive scratching can lead to secondary skin infections that might become serious.

Visit Our Animal Hospital in Johnstown, PA

If your pet has skin problems, we’re here to help. Are you looking for a veterinarian near you? Contact Johnstown Veterinary Associates at 814-536-5105 for an appointment. Our veterinarians can evaluate your pet’s health, make a diagnosis, and provide dermatology treatment as needed.