Top 7 Benefits of Dog Boarding

Benefits of Dog Boarding

Johnstown Veterinary Associates strives to ensure every pet enjoys a healthy and happy life! We strive to provide the best care in Johnstown, PA. We recognize that pets are a constant source of love and comfort. However, there are situations where you’ll be separated from them. There are several reasons why dog boarding is positive. Here is a look at why leaving your dog in the hands of our veterinarian at Johnstown Veterinary Associates is the right decision.

Pet Social Skills

Dog boarding allows your pet to develop social skills. Your pet will be in an exciting new environment and have the potential to interact with others and make friends. Dogs are emotional animals, which helps them make connections with others.

Staying Active

Be aware that boarding doesn’t involve staying in dog kennels all day. Your dog will have the opportunity to go outside and play. Your pet can adapt, learn a new skill, hang out by the pool, and participate in races.

Prevent Stress

Even being away for a few hours may cause your dog to feel stressed. Having a vet on site is important to fill in gaps. Your pet will have the required attention to avoid feeling stressed and lonely.

Emergency Assistance

Boarding facilities often have established relationships with local veterinarians or emergency veterinary clinics. We can quickly contact these professionals for advice or immediate care in a serious medical issue.

Staying Healthy

Dog boarding ensures your dog will get routine pet care. We will ensure your dog stays on the current nutrition plan. We aim to provide the best care and make your dog comfortable.

You Can Relax

Maybe you need some alone time to address a specific issue that’s bothering you. Dog boarding helps take some pressure off your shoulders.

Saves Money

Opting for dog boarding may help you save money in the long run. You won’t have to search all over town for assistance at the last minute.

Board with Johnston Veterinary Associates

While dog boarding can provide numerous benefits, choosing our reputable and well-suited facility is essential to meet your dog's needs and preferences. We can ensure your dog's health, comfort, and happiness will be a high priority. You and your dog can enjoy peace of mind when separated. Johnstown Veterinary Associates in Johnstown, PA, loves taking care of animals. Call our office at (814) 536-5105 to schedule an appointment.